Saturday, 30 May 2009

Scottish Renewables Festival 2009 launch - June 13th & 14th

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Scottish Renewables the green energy trade body has today launched the Scottish Renewables Festival 2009 at its annual conference in Edinburgh. The weekend of the 13th-14th June will for the first time see a wide range of renewable energy developments open their doors to family friendly events across Scotland.

The festival will see wind farms, hydro power schemes and wood fuel power stations open up across the country demonstrating their role in tackling climate change and delivering fuel security. Small scale community and household applications of solar power, wood heating, wind power and heat pumps will join some of the largest renewable energy installations in Europe as part of the festival programme. Exciting new technologies such as marine power will also be showcased over the weekend.

The festival is supported by a dedicated website which will feature a full programme during late April 2009 with details of participating projects and events.

Already a number of events have been confirmed, for example Scottish and Southern Energy will be inaugurating a major new wind farm during the weekend, RWE n power renewables will be opening up a hydro power project and Changeworks in Edinburgh will be demonstrating renewable energy that can be generated in the home. Dozens more events are currently being planned from Dumfries to Orkney.

Scottish Renewables board member Ray Hunter said, “The festival will give us the opportunity to mark our achievements with the public who have played such a key role in getting us to where we are today and will let them see the technologies in action at close-hand.”

“Renewables has achieved a huge amount in a relatively short period of time in Scotland but in many ways we’ve only just begun. The public will be a key component in the development of renewables in the future and the festival will be a great way of continuing to celebrate our achievements with them.”

The Scottish Renewables Festival builds on previous ‘wind weekends’ in Scotland which opened wind farms to the public. The festival will continue with a major focus on wind power but includes the vast breadth and diversity of all of Scotland’s renewables for the first time.

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