Thursday, 25 June 2009

Green Energy UK - independent, UK and totally green energy supplier!

Green Energy UK only supply energy that is 100% green. In addition, the energy is supplied from new renewable sources (ones that have come on stream since 2001). Unusually, they offer every customer the opportunity to become a shareholder. Their first 100,000 customers will be given the option to receive fully paid up shares in Green Energy (UK) plc. As shares are governed by the Financial Services Authority, there are a great deal of legal conditions that apply - as usual, check with your independent financial advisor before making any legally-binding commitments. All of that can be found in their Information Memorandum.

Although they are not hyet paying dividends, they is a unique offer and as its restricted to their first 100,000 customers, I recommend you check it out sooner rather than later.

They have only two tariffs, which keeps things simple:
Deep Green100% deep green renewable electricity. The very best you can do for the planet. The electricity is sourced from free falling water, wind, biomass, solar and the tides. Made up of Hydro (40%), Wind (39%), Biomass (20%) and other (1%).

Pale Green100% green electricity- competitively priced. This is cleaner greener electricity from low impact combined heat and power.

Tariffs vary according to location. They have a postcode widget on their site so you can check your location. As an example though, if you were, say in London (e.g. E5) you would pay the following as a domestic customer:
As a comparison, EDF charge @ 16.71p per unit for first 298 unit and then 9.94p per unit thereafter. Taking a sample of my personal usage, EDF charged me £188.86 exc. VAT for using 1697 units from 20 Aug 08 to 19 Dec 08. Green Energy would have charged me £199.40 exc VAT on their Pale Green Tariff and £219.42 exc. VAT. NOTE: This doen't take account of any fixed charges (standing or daily charges).

From this it can be seen that going totally green will be more expensive financially but hopefully, over time, the price will come down or not rise as much as tariffs baed on using fossil fuels.

Green Energy UK also have busines tariffs but you need to ring them on 0845 456 9550 for a quote. Visit their site for more info:

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