Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Using the right kind of paint can save energy!

It might, at first, seem strange to say that using the right kind of paint can help you save energy but its true. At least Dulux wants us to believe it and it seems it may have a bright idea on its hands (sorry for the pun there!).

Light & Space is a new range of energy-saving paint from Dulux. It works, apparently, by making the room brighter, and feel more spacious. It uses a combination of Lumitec technology, optimised tints and a range of high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) colours to absorb less light and reflect more back into the room.

This reduces the need for artificial lighting and so lights can be switched on up to 20 minutes later every day. This equates to reducing the number of 60W filament bulbs by 20%, which would certainly help to save energy, especially as enough of us have yet to make the switch to energy-saving bulbs. More info available here:

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