Thursday, 3 September 2009

New .eco domains battleground looms

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Apparently, rival groups are aiming for control of the sale of environmental URLs, according to J Mark Lytle, Tokyo August 9th.

Surfers could find themselves frustrated as the .eco battle plays over the coming year. Ownership of the admin rights looks like turning into a bit of a battlefield. Applications to ICANN for control of the .eco TLD are expected in early 2010 from two separate bodies - one Canadian, the other from the US.

Proof of intent, the former, Big Room, says it wants to grant .eco URLs only to organisations and business that can prove they are environmentally friendly, while the latter, Dot Eco, has a different approach. The US group, which includes Al Gore among its supporters, wants to give the proceeds of domain name sales to good causes. Big contributions Co-founder Minor Childers told the BBC: "We could be one of the biggest contributors to environmental causes anywhere in the world." Whichever group wins out, it seems clear the .eco domain will become a sought-after badge of honour before too long.

link: New .eco domains set for green battleground | News | TechRadar UK

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