Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The coming election and green issues....

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Not long now before we poor sods in Britain have to make our minds up on whom gets our vote. Anyone who know us, knows that we prevaricate right up until the last minute, except of course those who are fanatical about their political views. Now though, with all the scandals about MPs and ther expense claims, I can't see anyone being able to justify holding any form convictions about politicians and politics in general.

However, that's just me and everyone is entitled to their own views on the matter. Just remember that we only get the chance to vote every five years and so make your vote count. Make sure you know your candidates views on the environment and put them to the test. If they are an existing MP check their voting record (its easy to do online these days or just ask them). If they are a new candidate, ask them what their party's stance is on issues such as nuclear power, funding green energy, pollution, carbon reduction measures, government funding for insulation, scrapping inefficient boilers, wind farms and the like.

Whether any of the three main parties is really that green is hard to tell but unless you put them under pressure they won't make the effort, will they now.
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