Friday, 9 July 2010

Summertime Blues!

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Here in the South-east of England we are experiencing some unusually hot weather with temperatures today (Friday 9th July) reaching 32 Degrees Centigrade!

Now, I personally find this level of heat too much, though my wife loves it. She did grow up in Africa, lived in Singapore and Israel for many years so I guess she is used to it!

So, when it get this hot I find myself having to do something I try not to... use more energy, in an effort to keep cool. So, out comes the fan in my office, on goes the fan in the kitchen to keep the dog and me cool and I tend to drive with the car windows fully open. We do have Air Conditioning in the car but I think I am correct in saying that using that is even less green than driving with the windows open. We do, I have to confess, use the Air-Con on long journeys (such as holidays) because driving at motorway speeds with the windows open is less fuel-efficient.

So, as the temperature climbs I find myself getting the summertime blues - hay fever, too much sweating and having to adopt distinctly 'ungreen' practices. Ah well, at least we don't have true air conditioning in the house. Now that would be depressing to someone who tries his best to adopt a green lifestyle.
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