Tuesday, 3 August 2010

China now the biggest consumer of energy in the World

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According to the respected International Energy Agency, China's use of coal, oil, wind and other sources of power more than doubled in the past decade to reach the equivalent of 2.26bn tonnes of oil in 2009, creeping past the US total of 2.17bn tonnes.

This fact is no doubt linked to China's economic growth of almost 9% in GDP last year. Its also the reason why its carbon emissions is growing by around the same amount, at a time when most other nations was static or falling.

As to what's driving China's energy use up, well its the same thing that drove up that of the US, UK, Japan and Germany etc. Consumption. More cars, more air conditioning, more electronic consumer products (TV's, Hi-Fi, computers and the like). China's population has a long way to go in order to catch up to the lifestyles that we have enjoyed in the West for so long, but with 1.3 Billion people aiming for the same standard of living, its a worrying thought that as many countries cut their energy use and carbon emissions, the biggest nation on earth is increasing theirs at around 9% annually.
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