Friday, 3 September 2010

Electric Ford Focus to use liquid cooled battery

Plug-In 2010: Ford Electric FocusImage by Kevin Krejci via Flickr
When a company the size of Ford starts taking an interest in electric cars then it means that the idea of electric cars has become mainstream. The Ford Focus is one of the most popular small family cars on the market. Since its introduction in 1998, almost 10 million have been sold worldwide. Thus year will see the third generation of the model. However, the electric version was demonstrated in 2008 and Ford plans to have it launched later this year in the USA. It will launch in Europe in 2012.
Like other electric cars this will have a lithium-ion battery - though with a difference. Ford have announced that it will be liquid cooled battery and its hoped this will increase battery life and increase the range the car can travel before requiring recharging.
Another innovation is that when the battery is being recharged, the battery will be brought to an optimal temperature before recharging starts. This is meant to maximise the performance of the battery and prolong its life.
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