Thursday, 30 September 2010

Scotland dreams of 100% renewable energy sources

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Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has claimed that the country will be able to produce "at least 100 per cent" of its electricity through green initiatives by 2025. This is certainly a tall order but Scotland has the geography and natural resources to achieve this. The question is, is the will do so there? Cynics would say that Alex Salmond is making a political gesture and that the cost of such a move would be too much. However, no-one has yet come up with the figures to show how it might be possible or, indeed, how it might prove too expensive.
The Scottish Parliament has a target to generate 80% of its energy needs by 2020 from renewable sources so they are certainly serious about green energy. Let's hope they not only make the 2020 target but also the 2025 one. If they do, they could well be net exporters of energy around the time oil and gas start to seriously decline.

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