Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fortunate escape from death by fire!

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It's been bitter cold here in Colchester this week with about 10 inches of snow over three days or so. Just the time when you really want your boiler to fail! That's just what ours decided to do yesterday so we spent the past two days almost with no heating and no hot water. Our usual friendly plumber was unable to come out so we rang a local plumber (or heating engineer as they prefer!). Trouble was it would be almost 24 hours before he could come round so it was  case of borrowing some electric heaters from a neighbour (we have great neighbours - thank you Madge and Dewey!). No hot showers - my kids were mortified - practically the Dark Ages!

Finally this evening he arrived and we had a certain deja vu - he actually installed the boiler about 12 years ago! So, he was familiar with the boiler and he set to work right away. Eventually he found the problem and the shocking news was that a PCB had over-heated and actually melted the plastic casing. How it had not burst into flames - we are fortunate that it didn't and didn't happen whilst we were asleep. A fuse had blown before it got any worse and probably saved our lives, so thank you Lord!

Now for the green bit. Our boiler has served us well these past 12 years without major mishap but it's time we replaced it. After all, it's not very green and a new one would almost cut our gas consumption by half as it would be 94-98% efficient, whereas out existing one is only @ 50% efficient. As we spend several hundreds of pounds each year on gas and have no other gas appliances, we could save a lot of money and it would probably pay for itself in a few years.

Makes a lot of sense. The only thing now is to think of somewhere to get the money to pay for it from?
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