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Is it conscientious for the UK to continue to import Botswana’s beef?

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I spend a lot of time online and come across many great articles on lots of different topics. Of course, when writing your own blog one is always on the look out for excellent material share. I recently came across a networking site for businesses in the UK and what's great about the net is that serendipity means you can discover the most interesting things in the most unlikely of place. So it was that whilst browsing the forums on I came across this article...

I will say here upfront, that I am a trustee of a charity called LION AID. The African Lion is facing extinction in the wild. We have lost 90% of the world's lions in the past 50 years. From over 200,000 in the 1960's, the population is now down to under 20,000.

So for all of you who don't know the choices we are making when we eat cheap beef in our chain restaurants and carveries, read on.......

Apart from South Africa, the UK is the biggest importer of Botswana beef in the world. Such beef is heavily subsidized by the Botswana government, the UK, and the EU. Beef exports contribute a very small percentage of Botswana’s GDP, profit but a few cattle barons, and takes a considerable toll on the environment and wildlife. Is it conscientious for the UK to continue to import Botswana’s beef?"

To read the article in full (and its worth it as it has plenty of detail and is very informative) visit

I never realised that the African Lion was so at risk.
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