Friday, 24 December 2010

Teenager beats the auto companies at their own game!

Ashton Stark is only 14 but he has converted his grandfather's old VW Beetle into an electric vehicle at the cost of just $4,000. The Canadian youth isn't even old enough to drive his handiwork! After researching the technology behind electric vehicles and after a year of labour, he completed his project and now has a fully functional electric car that can travel up to 50 miles on a full charge, at speeds up to 45 mph and all for less than 10 cents a day!

“It is my grandpa’s 72 Super Beetle,” he said. “I think he would love it and be incredibly proud of it.” He used 9 separate 8 volt golf cart batteries, with 5 in the rear and 4 in the front of the vehicle. The vehicle is driven by a single cylindrical drive shaft which is connected to the original shaft of the Volkswagens transmission.

Noel Stark, Ashton’s father, said he has driven the vehicle many times, and he believes it is not only green conscious, it is also inexpensive and practical to operate.

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