Thursday, 7 April 2011

Michigan Technological University students invent CO2 scrubber

Michigan Technological University students have invented their own mini-smokestack scrubbing carbon dioxide from emissions. as an end product it creates a solid material that could have applications as a material useful in construction.

On the university site, the announcement states:

"An 11-foot bench-model smokestack packed with glass beads is percolating away in a lab. Near the top, a proprietary liquid dribbles down. From below, carbon dioxide bubbles up. By the time the gas reaches the top, fully half of the CO2 has been gobbled up by the liquid. The process not only captures carbon, it binds it in a solid form, making an undisclosed product that can be used as a construction material. The liquid itself can be recovered and used again. The group has applied for a patent and hopes to build a pilot plant in cooperation with an industry partner, Carbontec Energy Corp."
The students are planning to improve on their invention so as to capture even more CO2. Hopefully, they will end up with something that will have commercial applications and will help reduce the impact of carbon emissions

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